Wenzhou, Zhejiang hit the transformation and upgrading of combination of boxing to promote new busin

Wenzhou as our country coastal city, is a city of reform and opening up relatively early, in recent years, the small commodity market in Wenzhou is very famous in the country, but now with the development, is also facing some adjustment.

in May 19th this year, the provincial Party committee, Wenzhou municipal Party committee secretary Chen Yixin to start a sound, general aviation base officially started construction. In Wenzhou, the general aviation industry is poised to be the "flying", the general aviation market has become a new field of many temperature investment.

Growth of

transformation problem is broken, is imminent. Both the Wenzhou municipal government, and many enterprises, has already formed a consensus: in the development of the new normal current, small extensive development mode has no future, the only way to salvation, is the transformation and upgrading.

transformation is a Phoenix, focusing on path selection.

is determined to eliminate backward. Wenzhou City, determined to make environmental protection forced, remediation shutting down small chemical, small electroplating, small smelting at the expense of the environment at the expense of this, but did not create a number of high energy consumption tax. Up to now, the elimination of backward production capacity in Wenzhou province accounted for nearly 1/3.

transformation way, build entrepreneurial innovation platform for growth Small and micro businesses, is a major feature of Wenzhou.

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