How to analyze the location department store opened

It is very important to the

store to choose a suitable location. Many times the operator does not know how to analyze lots. In fact, this problem is indeed a difficult, businesses need to learn, master more skills. Xiao Bian analysis of a few suggestions, I hope you have instructions.

the city road distribution, composition, status quo of network communication. The number and distribution of highways, airports and stations in the city. The distribution of urban public transit system and the traffic situation between cities. The composition of urban population, distribution, income, the number of urban population, the income of residents, the level of consumption.

and pedestrian street separately, bicycle traffic and public transport vehicles and the flow direction, quantity, time interval. Major trends, numbers and types of used vehicles. The width of the road to the main stream of people. The scale of the building, the layout of the goods, the variety of the business, the style and style of the external decoration. Competitive market positioning, the situation of the brand into the store, the introduction of the main brand and sales.

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