Fresh box ten brands list

with the preservation of a variety of electrical appliances in the popularity of the family, the box began to be more and more popular, more and more relevant brands in the market. So, which brand is good? May wish to make a small series of secret boxes for you to reveal the top ten brands list, so that you can choose to be more satisfied with the good brand.

box ten brands list NO.1, LOCK&LOCK LOCK, was founded in 1985 in Korea, box ten brands, one of the leading brands, Chinese market customer satisfaction brand, Shanghai LOCK&LOCK Trading Co. ltd..

box ten brands list NO.2, Tupperware Tupperware, was founded in twentieth Century 30s, the United States, the industry’s flagship brand, the brand value of one of the industry, global brands, Tupperware (China) Co. ltd..

box ten brands list, NO.3 promotion: founded in 1983, Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous trademarks, ten well-known brand lunch boxes, export enterprises of our country, the revitalization of Guangzhou Industrial Co. ltd..

box ten brands list NO.4, Camellia: Asia’s largest Home Furnishing plastics production base, the protection of the State Trademark, famous trademark in Fujian Province, Fujian famous brand, Camellia modern Home Furnishing supplies Limited by Share Ltd.

box ten brands list NO.5, Leyiduo: Chinese box industry one of the most influential brands, one of the largest production base of domestic box size, Shantou Jinping District Yongtai Plastic Industry Co Ltd.

box ten brand list NO.6, Ace: famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand, high-tech enterprises, plastic box, famous brand, national standards unit, Guangdong Haixing Plastic Co. ltd..

freshness preservation box ten brand list NO.7, Ropowo Ropowo: China famous brand, brand, industry sales leading brand, famous brand, the brand name of the top ten boxes, Yueqing Le Xin Plastic Products Co., ltd..

box ten brands list NO.8, THERMOS THERMOS, was founded in Germany in 1904, the industry well-known brands, one of the leading box industry, ten lunch box brand, THERMOS (China) family products Co. ltd..

box ten brands list printed: NO.9, founded in 1918 in Japan, the leading brand of small household electrical appliances industry well-known Home Furnishing, thermos bottle / conditioning appliance manufacturers, most of Shanghai home appliance Co. ltd..

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