Do not tie the advantages of the nternet in agricultural electricity supplier

talked about the combination of the Internet and agricultural production, most people will think of the use of electricity supplier channels to promote the sale of agricultural products, but the presence of electricity providers, can solve all the problems of agricultural entrepreneurship?

in all agricultural products "electric shock" and "have a fever", the reporter thought that such a cold, give farmers a reminder: the electricity supplier is not the sale of agricultural products ".

"a general fear, they can give you to sell, but also sell at high prices. The way you say not? "Speaking of this, a local farmer was on the electricity supplier as gods. On his side, in the hanging yellow, have got a full layer of pests, should have changed, but he always look at. This scene, the reporter still fresh.


is obviously not. Your variety is not degraded, and lost the market? Your planting pattern is not backward, unable to stagger the time to market your competitors? Taste is not old, others than go? These are the head of agricultural cooperatives should seriously consider the issue. Do not take the initiative as a docking market, rely entirely on electricity, maybe now you can sleep without any anxiety, but when the electricity supplier channel value run after the outbreak of crisis will slow.

"Internet plus" is the most popular word. The magic of " +" behind, can be recommended

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