The 73 annual Golden Globe Awards ended xiaolizi third harvest winner

Beijing time on January 11th, the seventy-third Golden Globe Awards held in Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. Liz won third Golden Globe Award winner, LadyGaga with "American horror story" won the mini series as.

at the Golden Globes, "wilderness Hunter" into the biggest winner, not only won the best feature film, Leonardo Dicaprio with the film won third Golden Globe for best actor, best actor Oscar from the dream in the wild "hunters point the day and await for it," also won the best director, best drama film, the audience is the winner.

The list of winners are as follows:

" wilderness Hunter Inari map

Best Animation: "mind" team

Best Comedy Film: "Mars" rescue

best comedy actress: Jennifer Laurence – "Joey’s struggle"

"eight" the best music:

Gaga teamed up with Tom Ford award

Best Drama: "hacker army"

" hip hop Empire

Best Miniseries or movie: "wolf hall"

Mini drama / movie best actor: Oscar Isaacs – "heroes


Mini drama / movie best recommended

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