Shop decoration design principles you know how much

shop to repair the design you know how much? For investors who want to set up shop, opened a high force lattice shop, requires not only the product new features, but also in the store decoration design have a unique style, so as to win the attention of the crowd, drainage source. Here are the basic requirements for shop decoration design.

shop decoration design – facade design

for decoration design store, is crucial to the facade decoration, commercial facade should be wide, many business services and types, but due to the different environment in the city, the size and facilities are not the same as the standard, therefore, the decoration design content and specific requirements of the shop can not be unified standard.

shop decoration design – consistent with the surrounding buildings

Form and style of three-dimensional

shops and the surrounding environment construction should be consistent; ratio between the division and construction of metope size, and the scale is appropriate; various design storefront renovation, to be focused, clear evaluation of the relative change is a slave, beat rhythm.

shop decoration design – shop color

shop decoration color treatment, the store design modeling effect plays an important role. Should make full use of color contrast and harmony, in order to enhance the artistic characteristics of modeling, solid modeling effect. To create a more perfect visual charm. In general, the main colors of the store to high degree of warm colors for the best, showing the key parts can be based on the characteristics of the body and reflect the needs of commercial building decoration atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color. In order to highlight the identity of the store, the store’s brand name, logo logo and logo, etc., but also the use of high purity and obvious color, give a person with a purpose.

shop decoration design material selection

shop decoration materials of many types, to correctly use the material texture, texture and color. Shop decoration basically with the construction of walls and roof decoration, to think to raw material is durable, whether can withstand storm blowing and rain, at the same time to have some sun exposure and corrosion resistance.

a taste of the store can not only through the sales of products can look out at the same time, shop decoration style is to give people a direct impact, good design can attract more visitors to the shop to buy, and the shop decoration will affect the operation of shops, shop decoration design after the basic requirements to share investors need to pay attention to.

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