How to create online education fans economy

now, the development of the Internet industry a day, the rapid changes, you need to keep up with this pace. Online education how to create a fan economy? Today, with you on Huang, Wang thought and blowout.

99% was a fan base is disappearing

recently read an article wrote online education value-added services, the view in this paper to Jensen some inspiration. With the fans of the economy, the future of online education will go further and will live more. Some time ago, the general assembly of a new class of Yu Minhong talk about education startups 99% will disappear, no matter how the facts can only show that the New Oriental in this regard to suppress the policy and the policy of persecution. New Oriental online education is not lack of funds and people, is a lack of time. Do you know? It is time, New Oriental needs the market or entrepreneurs who are at a loss or worry to slow down the pace of online education, give new Oriental enough time to shorten the gap.

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