The city will install the elevator black box

April 15th, vice mayor Xu Guocheng chaired a meeting to accelerate the implementation of elevator safety information management system. Reporters learned that the city will start the elevator safety information management, in the future, some public places, residential areas of the elevator will be installed on the black box, in order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator. Xu Guocheng said, the elevator safety and the masses life, the project to build a "smart city", "safe Xining" is of great significance, has important significance to guarantee the safety of life and property, all departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, and strive to start construction in May, the construction was completed in December 2016.

at present, the number of the city’s elevator registered 6582 units, due to the wide distribution of a single artificial regulation can not meet the requirements. To this end, the city attaches great importance to the supervision of the work of the elevator operation, the city will establish a remote, real-time, centralized elevator safety information management system. It is reported that the system is constructed by means of networking technology, the quality of elevator maintenance, elevator annual inspection and daily operation of the elevator in the elevator monitoring, failure, timely to automatic fault alarm, fault process of voice prompts and passengers psychological comfort function, and can promptly notify the relevant departments to take rescue and response with the rapid and effective measures to dispose of, emergency rescue response linkage function. With the advance of the system, in the future the city will be in public places (hospitals, shopping malls, schools, hotels, etc.), the construction of residential areas, the construction of high-rise buildings in the application.

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