Xining to rectify weak and lax grassroots party organizations

Xining city to carry out the rectification of weak and lax grassroots party organizations as the main content of educational practice activities. As of now, the city’s 191 grassroots party organizations are weak and lax, 69 villages, 6 communities, 53 institutions, 6 state-owned enterprises, 6 private organizations, 2 social organizations a total of 142 achieved transformation, the conversion rate of 74.3%.

leading cadres to co-ordinate co-ordination to promote rectification. For individual party organization "Yung lazy, soft, loose and in recent years the emergence of some discipline violations and other issues, the comprehensive rectification difficulty and other factors, organization of Party organizations are weak and lax arrangements unite 216 leading cadres for the investigation of 97 villages, 9 communities, 54 institutions, 7 19 state-owned enterprises, non-public economic organizations and 5 agency. Department of contact point based on post and promote the rectification. Looking to find real at the party organizations are weak and lax "disease", combined with the actual situation of grassroots party organizations are weak and lax and the urgent demand for the city’s 56 village Party organizations are weak and lax arrangements with 60 functional departments, to help industrial development, help improve the organization, to help maintain stability, promote the implementation of grassroots party organizations are weak and lax consolidation and transformation. In a special working group to promote the rectification Dundian field. For the masses of resources, assets, financial problems and contradictions and disputes, the situation is more complex, more concentrated rectification difficult 113 Party organizations are weak and lax, the city of Xining in 117 special working group composed of cadres, rural village cadres, township cadres 548 people, responsible person, timing, targeted for months to carry out special rectification. Select "first secretary" guidance Bangdai promote rectification. Has selected 86 good political quality, strong sense of the masses, the party members and cadres familiar with the work of Party building as the first party secretary of the party organization of the 86 weak and lax". First Secretary of the use of personal strengths to strengthen the coordination and coordination of relevant leadership and functional departments, to improve the ability of grassroots organizations to promote the development of weak and lax, serving the masses. Appoint the party building instructor to promote rectification. 191 in a timely manner to the grassroots party organizations are weak and lax selected high political quality, policy theory ripe, strong ability to work, have certain experience in Party building work of grass-roots party construction work to ensure the rectification of instructors, "three promotion", to promote the transformation of party management without gaps, through the open letter "find", telephone, SMS, visit "find the door, sent letters to the field" commissioned to find ", carry out party for organization, organization for Party members" of the "double search" activities, to ensure that all the party members to participate in educational practice.    


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