Province to carry out safety inspections

in accordance with the provincial government leadership requirements, since September 18th to the end of October, the provincial Commission Office to carry out safety inspections deployed in the province, serious investigation of accidents, create a safe production environment is good for the healthy development of the province’s economic and social stability.

Saline Lake in Qinghai Haina Chemical Co., 9· 18 "large production safety accidents, State Councilor Wang Yong, director of the State Administration of work safety Yang Huanning, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng and other leaders given instructions instructions require deep draw lessons from the accident, take effective measures to carry out a centralized inspection in the province within the scope of the accident investigation risks, to prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents. Progress in charge of production safety work of the vice governor Wang Liming always pay attention to deal with the accident, arrange for the relevant departments to coordinate the implementation of emergency plans and requirements in accident rescue work and investigation at the same time, take effective measures to prevent similar accidents.

According to the "

inspection work program" safety production in Qinghai Province, the key industries of oil and gas outburst inspection of dangerous chemicals, fireworks, pipelines, metallurgy and other eight industries and enterprises, transportation, mining, construction, fire and other areas, enterprises, industry self-examination and investigation department inspection and government inspection stage three stages, key check the implementation of the central enterprises, the State Administration of work safety and the provincial Party committee and government important instructions instructions, establish and improve the safe production responsibility system, implement the "Qinghai province administer guidance" to prevent serious accidents, accident investigation and tracking implementation of listed supervision system, establish and perfect the emergency coordination mechanism etc..

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, since 12th Five-Year, the province’s production safety situation continued to improve, the total number of accidents decreased year by year, the number of accidents decreased by 47%, the number of deaths fell by 63%. But there are still a few enterprise security awareness is not strong, the main responsibility for production safety implementation is not in place, safety management is not strict, safety training and education as a mere formality, emergency management is weak, high fire and other special operations management lax regulation, outsourcing engineering and foreign personnel management flow in the form of illegal illegal illegal illegal operations command, workers and other issues. National Day coming, tourism, visiting relatives, people go out activities increased, the fourth quarter is the peak season for production, at the same time, the air temperature and snow slippery, increased insecurity caused by various accidents, some enterprises in order to finish the task, rush period easily ignored safety production. Therefore, we must continue to enhance safety awareness, the implementation of safety responsibility, a comprehensive investigation and remediation security risks, tamp the basis of production safety, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of safety.


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