Our province and the French companies set up a bridge

broaden "The Belt and Road" strategic pace, to further expand our province economic and trade cooperation with foreign exchange, April 12th, business representatives of France in the Department of Commerce and from afar, as non-ferrous metal processing, new energy, biological characteristics, deep processing of agricultural products and other areas of trade, technical cooperation and communication for the future of our province, with France and the EU economic and trade cooperation bridge.

With the national "

Belt and Road Initiative" strategy to promote, in our province to further deepen the reform and opening up and expanding economic and trade cooperation and exchange, especially clean food exhibition, the annual Green Fair, Tibetan carpet exhibition and exhibition, attracted worldwide investors, opening up the accelerating pace of exchanges and cooperation channels constantly expand the team export-oriented enterprises in this province is growing.

in order to promote the foreign trade and economic cooperation in our province and French companies, entrepreneurs in France and France according to the foreign trade exchange cooperation, combined with their actual, put forward Qinghai and France and the European Union in non-ferrous metal processing, new energy, biological characteristics, deep processing of agricultural products in areas such as trade, technical cooperation and cultural tourism cooperation imagine, and suggested that our province from other provinces experience, explore the establishment of "Chinese Qinghai province business office in France or other European countries, providing market information for the decision-making of the government, enterprises and scientific research units, to provide services for investment and technology introduction.

Communicate with the

, clearly the province and enterprises in France and France in the economic and technical cooperation in the field of common development goals and direction, the commerce department will explore new modes of cooperation with domestic and foreign Association, strengthen pragmatic cooperation with the Federation of entrepreneurs in the French law, improve the level of opening up, boost economic and trade development.


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