City Seismological Bureau and the city comity Street Office jointly launched earthquake emergency de

in order to further improve the awareness of grassroots organizations in disaster prevention and mitigation, and enhance emergency response ability when the earthquake occurred, the inspection of community earthquake emergency plan scientific and operable, recently, the Municipal Seismological Bureau will be the city of central comity Street office launched the "comity Street Office of earthquake emergency tabletop exercise activities.

exercise to take the form of desktop and on-site questions. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the scene commander issued instructions with earthquake drills begin, sirens, simulation exercises on a certain day at 9:30, 6 strong earthquake occurred within the city, the focal depth of 10Km, the area felt strongly, community residents of the building was severely damaged, residents of the earthquake according to the usual sense of mastery to carry out self-help and mutual aid. According to the simulation of earthquake events, comity Street office immediately launched the emergency plan, set up an emergency command, scientific and effective team to mobilize all rescue forces into the earthquake relief work, timely evacuation of resettlement, injury treatment, public security and other relief activities of the masses, the completion of the pre earthquake relief work, and timely disaster information reporting the city district government, waiting for the late rescue.

through the tabletop exercise activities, enhance the ability of the street facing the earthquake and other emergencies emergency disposal and rescue forces to participate in disaster rescue, the whole exercise process smoothly, to achieve the desired results.


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