Huangyuan high-speed direction to the entrance will be closed

For the road traffic security ramp toll station and DOPA Xi Huang freeway intersection, this month 15 days of DOPA ramp toll station to the direction of Huangyuan entrance closed dopa.

it is understood that due to a new road district Toba Gan bridge construction, road traffic safety in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and DOPA ramp toll station and West Huang freeway intersection, from January 15th to April 30th, the Xi Huang Expressway Ramp toll station Pakistan Zhihuang DOPA source direction of entrance will be closed. The closure period of DOPA to Huangyuan direction of the vehicle, please bypass highway 109 and Siza line, and in accordance with the road traffic sign tips and information notice driving, traffic police, highways and obey the command of the charges.


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