Subsistence allowances for families next month, the minimum payment of 350 of the maximum of $800

Eyes looked into the heating period, the provincial capital of tens of thousands of families living in winter heating subsidies are also on the agenda. To this end, in September 23rd, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Finance Bureau jointly issued a document to determine this year city low winter home heating assistance standards, and asked relevant departments to raise funds by the end of October will aid in full payment to households.

the rescue range of Xining city residents family record at the end of September 2015. Rescue standards for the four areas: three noes object household 800 yuan per household, the general household subsistence allowances of $550 per household; three counties: three noes object family of $600 per household, the general household subsistence allowances of $350. Heating aid funds by the provincial, city and county level three financial commitment, including provincial and municipal subsidies to the approved number of 2009 as a subsidy base, the rest of the funds required by the financial burden of the county. In order to make the city residents family relief work in Xining city heating in winter, requiring the county civil affairs departments of finance, attaches great importance to earnestly perform their duties, cooperate to raise funds as soon as possible, will aid in full payment to households, and take earmarking, relief payments should be open and transparent, accept supervision by the masses. Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Financial Bureau will work on heating subsidies for the whole process of supervision and inspection.  

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