Sheng Guangzu never allow high-speed rail arbitrarily price increases

general manager of the National People’s Congress, China Railway Corporation, said Sheng Guangzu 5, now there is no arrangement for large-scale adjustment high-speed rail freight, the railway department is very strict on fare management, not allowed to price hikes.

Sheng Guangzu considered at the plenary meeting of the delegation of Jiangsu said the government work report after the end of the interview, the fare is based on the market for capacity, railway transport enterprises fare cost and other factors to consider. Pricing is a double-edged sword, with a good service can be better for travelers, with bad will lose the market.

a ticket for standing room consider whether half price, he said that during the holidays is ticket for standing room tickets to sit tight, for passengers to go home, ask passengers agreed to sell. In the railway sector, the service and the cost of ticket for standing room is the same. Hope that the future development of the railway ticket for standing room less.

ticket real name system after the ticket lost Why ticket? He said, this is to be decided according to laws and regulations now, the railway sector to find many ways to let passengers convenient, as long as that ticket indeed lost, is one.

for the high speed of iron will be increased to 350 km / h, he said, with the technology, equipment and management at present, China’s high-speed rail running 350 kilometers per hour is not a problem, but the high-speed trains in the end should be how much should be based on the actual situation in the country in many respects, to treat scientific running speed. High speed rail 50 kilometers per hour will increase the cost of about $1/3, mainly electricity prices, wear and tear parts and maintenance costs increased. At present, the maximum speed of 310 kilometers per hour is in line with China’s national conditions, the benefits are relatively good.

for the visitors to reflect the 15 yuan lunch number is not enough, Sheng Guangzu said that the railway sector has been to provide cheap food for travelers, consider increasing the supply of steamed buns, Steamed Buns, sandwich. In addition, he said, 12306 ticket experience is good, but also in the continuous improvement. He said that when the high-speed rail will open Wifi, "is to".


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