Xining City train station in a different city

Xining City train station began to put into use when the emergence of problems and chaos so many passengers worried, but after continuous rectification, the train station overall situation continues to improve, is trying to make a civilized city a window.

humanized line convenience for passengers

in September 1st, I met at the train station, bus stop where the bus stop is built, the train passengers wait quietly in front of the stop sign, ten minutes, 3 times of different line together out of the station, passengers can travel according to their own needs, orderly. From the train station staff officer that evening when the train was late, the train station staff will contact the public sector, told the last bus waiting, so that passengers who take the shuttle bus, to provide personalized services for travelers.

the taxi hit the table is not cheating

station built in the early time, many taxis do not hit the table, and the price, so many passengers complained. September 1st, in the west side of the station on the east side of the free parking, I saw a taxi in an orderly manner, in strict accordance with the instructions in the parking lot. In case of passengers asking price, the driver will tell the passengers according to the meter to play the price to close, not their own.In order to continuously improve the

at the train station, whether the station environment or the ticket hall was, whether the public toilet small corner, compared with the past, the train station of health has been greatly improved. In the mouth of the entrance, the ticket hall and other crowded places, about 10 meters away, there will be a garbage box, visitors come and go will be thrown into the trash bin. Although the passenger station is always on the move, but the train station orderly, busy but not chaotic, many people are not confused. From the train station in charge of passenger Zhanfuzhanchang Shang Hailing Department learned that the train station is also in line with the city’s effort to create city work, to further refine the train station environment, order and other aspects of the work, do not leave the ticket window, courteous service, fast; no illegal operation of vehicles, no fire facilities to compete for tourists; the national standard; processing mechanism of high efficiency, consultation, complaints and complaints telephone set a window in the striking position, as a city building, do a good window of a civilized city.  

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