Xining Federation of trade unions to let love in the autumn surge 300 students funded

with the end of the college entrance examination, has funded more than 300 students will be excellent in character and learning in the Xining City Federation of trade unions "student" activities this year, successfully entered the University campus.

Xining City Federation of trade unions of the "student" activities as the focus of the work of the warmth of the project, this year will provide grants to more than 60 yuan, from July 26th to September 8th, serious investigation, to determine the object and the public, accept supervision by the masses, to provide timely and specific assistance to poor workers to children. Special activities will be focused on the poor workers children, single parent children, hard workers and difficult children, children difficult worker family workers migrant workers and laid-off workers children excellent in character and learning support, and strive to keep a hard worker because of poor children out of school.

by the union advocate, aimed at helping the difficulties workers their children to university "student" activities, innovation work carrier this year, from the original union unilaterally extended to fund to mobilize all social forces to participate to raise student funding, the units or individuals with poor students for helping counterparts, grants, and other forms of workers love helping student aid. At the same time, trade unions at all levels to establish a difficult student support files, and education, civil affairs and other units on the work of timely communication, coordination, convergence, to avoid duplication of assistance, effectively expanding the rescue. According to statistics, since the autumn student activities, trade unions at all levels in Xining to raise funds, carry out the student activities, raise funds accumulated more than 350 yuan, a total of nearly 1500 to help poor children round university dream.


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