ndustrial Park tourism to open up the golden line

"purchase" is an important part of tourism in our province in recent years, the development of industrial tourism, both to meet the shopping needs of tourists, also effectively promote the cultural connotation of the beauty of Qinghai. Photo by Li Xiaogang

  with the province of great beauty Qinghai reputation of continuous improvement, to Qinghai tourism tourists increased year by year, visitors to Qinghai in addition to the vastness of the Qinghai lake water and sky color, a Buddhist shrine seen there will be fond of yak jerky, Tibetan Plateau unique exquisite cashmere sweater, carpet, Thangka love, can see these goods with national characteristics the birth process, is a happy thing. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of tourists, to develop tourism resources to a greater extent, the park enterprises in Xining have taken the pace of industrial tourism. The rise of heat to build Industrial Park sightseeing tourism province, the province continued to increase investment in the tourism environment, service quality, infrastructure spared the article, and several large industrial park in addition to rapid development of economy, tourism is still a great effort, highland barley wine industrial tourism, industrial tourism, Kunlun Tibetan carpet jade making travel and other characteristics of the tourism industry, has injected vitality into the tourism in Qinghai. At the same time, Tibetan Medicine Museum, Qinghai Tibet plateau natural ecology museum, Kunlun jade culture museum day tour line and Kunlun jade open production line, has been attractive to tourists. Cocoa beef jerky, the Yellow River beer, Huzhu highland barley wine and other well-known enterprises are also open to visitors to the production workshop, to create industrial tourism brand. HOHXIL attracted customers all over the world to show their product image, corporate construction become the most characteristic tourism subject building, Xilibie cocoa Xincai imitation boarding channel, tourists walk on boarding seem to be in the situation, through the bright and spacious view light Gallery, beef jerky manufacturing and processing will have to show before the tourists, cleaning, segmentation, stir baking, sterilization, packaging and a series of deep processing procedures, a series of exquisite technology process, allowing visitors to enjoy the remainder, deeply feel the Qinghai local culture and the rich connotation. A channel into the hotel, catering, tourism, ecological park, deep processing production site in order to show in front of everyone, a comprehensive one-stop service channel will set of dining, entertainment, leisure, sightseeing and shopping before you open. If you do not have the strength and the courage to be the first, not a few people dare to eat in Qinghai, the first tourist industrial tourism. Hoh Xil in a comprehensive investigation of the status quo of the development of industrial tourism both inside and outside the province, the first in Qinghai Hoh Xil Food Co., ltd.;

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