Datong County, 5000 acres of winter wheat sowing completed

October 8th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the winter wheat planting in the yellow village, Changning, two villages and towns fall curtain.

this year, the county agricultural technology promotion center as soon as possible, starting from raising awareness of farmers, extensive publicity, and actively mobilize the implementation of plots. The end of the autumn harvest work, technical personnel into the field, hand to guide farmers into the winter wheat planting.

since 2009, since the introduction of county of winter wheat growing success, county agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau focus on promoting the development of wheat production in the county to the variety, scale and industrialization ways of planting area increased year by year, in 2012 reached 5000 acres. After testing, the average yield of winter wheat planted in 2011 was 431.6 – 610.5 kg, an increase of more than 33.4% of the average yield of spring wheat.

it is understood that the winter wheat than spring wheat flour and early maturity, good quality; early after harvest also planting spinach, cabbage, radish and other vegetables, which can improve the land utilization rate, and increase the income of farmers; and the winter wheat field management is simple, save labor, and effectively increase the land surface in autumn and winter coverage, to reduce the sand and soil erosion, improve the ecological environment has important significance. (author: Su Jianping)


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