The Eleventh Plenary Meeting of the Provincial Committee on Aging

May 12th, the Eleventh Plenary Meeting of the Provincial Committee on aging held meeting to learn to convey the Committee plenary meeting of the eighteenth national aging spirit; listen to "on" the aging work "in 12th Five-Year and 2016 during the period of work proposal passed the" report ";" 13th Five-Year "aging development plan". Vice governor, director of the Provincial Committee of aging Kuang Kuang attended and spoke.

meeting fully affirmed the "12th Five-Year" during the development of the cause of the aging of the province achieved remarkable results. It is pointed out that in 2016 13th Five-Year the cause of aging at the beginning of the year, all members of the unit to put into the important work schedule of aging, strengthen the construction of various agencies on ageing. Do a good job in the elderly security services, in terms of life security, to solve the outstanding difficulties and problems in their lives. In the spirit of the elderly care, extensive education activities carried out in the old age, rich spiritual and cultural life of the elderly, focusing on living alone, left behind, lost independence, the elderly can provide spiritual care and psychological counseling. We should establish and perfect the old-age support policies, improve the home-based care services network, to carry out the "Internet plus pension service", and strive to buy home-based care services to achieve full coverage in the town government in rural areas, foster service pilot and promotion work experience. To implement the preferential treatment of the elderly, will be preferential landing work. We should vigorously strengthen the building of grassroots organizations play a grassroots organization of aging, the aging of the advantage, support the timely processing of all kinds of contradictions and disputes, to ensure that the elderly can live.


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