Qilian West Road community elderly day care center official operation

careful guidance in support of the district government, the District Civil Affairs Bureau and Chaoyang Street office, Qilian Road West community elderly day care center was officially launched, the community on the morning of June 15, 2012 10 in the silver district court held the opening ceremony. To attend the opening ceremony of the leadership of Party History Research Office of the Ministry of municipal organization Zhang Guoyun, North District Deputy Secretary Li Xinrong, director of the North District Civil Affairs Bureau Gou Fujun, Chaoyang Street Party committee secretary Chen Wenqin, at the ceremony, the Party branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee director Tuo Suzhen Torre station for the opening speech, director Gou Fujun made a speech to guide.
the community elderly day care center area of 125 square meters, with nine beds, a configuration of various books, mahjong, chess and other entertainment facilities, where older people can eat delicious meals, can also participate in various cultural and recreational activities, feel the warmth of family and care, elderly day care center can solve some elderly people to take care of the elderly because of their problems, but also meet the elderly day care demand.
dedicated services for the elderly is a community service center for the purpose, area of the elderly have a sense of security, medicine, worthiness, learning and be happy happy old age is a community service center of the target, in the efforts of the party and the government leadership, the help of the community and community workers, elderly day care center will gradually grow.


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