Provincial and municipal quality supervision and then put a heavy blow to crack down on black produc

June 18th, provincial and municipal quality and Technical Supervision Bureau relevant leaders to Xining Tongwei bean products Co. Ltd. issued the first soy products "I QS" certification of production license, the end of our province soybean industry no "QS" mark of history, began resolutely combat and eliminate the gun black bean workshop special rectification "".

bean products is an indispensable food on the table, but for a long time, the traditional form of workshops on the quality and safety of bean products left a hidden danger." The chief of the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision of food production supervision department Zhou Peixin said that although Xining has 50 bean products processing workshop hold relevant certificates and license, but these companies are mostly family based workshop production management, there is a small scale, poor sanitation, poor environment, the quality of employees is not high, resulting in Xining city the overall quality of the low qualified rate of bean products.

Zhou Peixin said that the end of 2008 the results of the special inspection, the city’s soybean products pass rate of only about 55%, nearly 45% of soybean products. "This is a very worrying figure." Zhou Peixin said with emotion, although the quality supervision departments of the soybean industry has never stopped the regulation, but some small workshops, black dens are still rampant, playing around guerrilla, seriously disrupted the market order.

in order to improve the quality of the soybean industry qualification rate, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision through investment, the establishment of standardized soybean processing enterprises, enterprises from the purchase of raw materials, production process, product quality inspection have strict requirements, let people eat at ease, full of bean products. At the same time, said the provincial and municipal quality supervision departments, will soon increase the Xining city bean products processing enterprises inspection, and resolutely fight against black workshop, shut down a number of small scale, poor quality, poor facilities of the workshop, to ensure food quality and safety.

it is understood that QS is the food quality and safety of the English abbreviation, with QS logo products are subject to mandatory inspection, allowed to enter the market.


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