Three counties jointly build the Silk Road, the 227 line of tourism gold line

The afternoon of April 25th, from Datong County, Qilian County three, Menyuan County representatives gathered in Datong, 2014 Silk Road 227 line tourism cooperation alliance meeting together, to promote tourism and cultural exchanges, tourism enterprises, tourism regional cooperation through focus, to achieve common prosperity, in the country to create a very main tourism line attractive. National Highway 227 line length of 347 kilometers, from Qinghai city of Xining Province, Gansu city of Zhangye province to the end, passes through 7 counties, the road there are mountains, grassland, urban and rural areas, is a beautiful tourist routes a beautiful natural scenery, good humanistic environment. At the same time, the national highway 227 line along the ancient Silk Road, a large number of historical relics, beautiful natural scenery, colorful ethnic customs give the deep cultural heritage of the 227 lines. Among them, the territory of the province of Datong County, Qilian County, Menyuan County is located in the ancient Silk Road South road. Around the circle of three line "pattern of tourism construction, Datong County, Qilian County Joint Menyuan County jointly promote three county tourism line, through the" Baotuan "and" bound "mode of experience, the formation of the ancient Silk Road 227 line tourism cooperation alliance, to create great beauty Qinghai landscape, Datong, golden Menyuan, day exit Qilian" tourism brand. The reporter learned from the meeting, Datong, Menyuan, Qilian dimai connected, tourism resources are highly complementary, have successfully created a number of well-known travel brands, such as classic mountain, Cha Han River, kite ditch, 100 rape promenade, drow mountain of a number of key scenic spots. In the future, the three county will be the development of regional tourism is the premise of "joint development and common prosperity" as the goal, to "exchange, sharing, cooperation and development" principle, to carry out all-round, multi angle cooperation, co culture of the Silk Road Tourism gold line 227 line.  

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