West District of Xining family doctors signed service area residents

West District Xining city community health service institutions and residents of the family doctor service agreement signed this agreement to name long family doctors and residents together, by the end of 2014, residents of Xining City West District Tiger Taiwan community health service center and within the jurisdiction by signing agreement. It is reported that in 2008, the province began to promote this work, starting from the city, the province’s 26 community health service centers have all carried out this service.

dressing change in the community can do

October 10, 2014, who lives in Xichuan Road, Mr. Chen called the tiger Taiwan Community Health Service Center phone.

doctor Hello, I am the tiger Taiwan area residents, recently in the field of scoliosis surgery, now back home in Xining needs medication, but the requirement of the operation bed, my own action inconvenience, can I ask you to come to my house for my wound?" Mr. Chen said on the phone.

"OK, please tell us the details of your address. We can come to the office this afternoon." Tiger Taiwan Community Health Service Center Xu Yinghua said.

Xu Yinghua, chief medical officer of the community health service center of Tiger Island, graduated from Qinghai Medical College in 2000. Since then, she has made a general practitioner, physician physician title. Xu Yinghua has worked for 15 years in the community health service. Tiger center to build, she transferred from the West Main Street community health service center.

"tiger Taiwan community is a newly built community, there are a lot of basic work to do, to the residents to establish health records is a very important part of our work. If public health is popular, then the contract service is more personalized, more focused." Xu Yinghua said.

in the afternoon, Xu Yinghua and his colleagues went to the home of Mr. Chen, she opened the home box to bring up, Mr. Chen lumbar position wound gauze, began routine debridement and dressing. A few minutes later, Xu Yinghua with gauze fixed gauze, complete the dressing change.

36 year old Mr. Chen, his wife in the county to work, he was lying in bed during that time by the care of his elderly mother, the old man to Xu Yinghua said: "thank you, thank you, thank you. We are not out of his own door, dressing is difficult things, well, you can come to my trust."

since October 17th, 24 and in November 1st, Mr. Chen was at home to accept the community doctor dressing service until the wound stitches.

to the head of the pipeline nursing

"dressing after surgery belongs to the surgery the most simple operation, in the community clinic surgical debridement, dressing, dressing, are very common, we put the service to the community residents home, convenient masses. The same;

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