Xining City West District RS four word policy grasp rectification

The IRS West District of Xining city

in the study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities in the implementation of the rectification stage, in order to effectively identify the problem, identify the causes and identify countermeasures, to recognize achievements into practical results in the "real, deep, accurate, new" efforts, make analysis and inspection activities achieved remarkable results.

search for "real"". In order to further identify the impact and constraints of the scientific development of the outstanding problems, improve the quality and level of scientific development, in-depth research, issuing polls, set up a suggestion box for comments, revealing problems at the same time, in the democratic life will be held before, and the cadres and the masses in the discussion, and some retired veteran cadres discussion, and some taxpayers on behalf of the forum.

find reasons for "deep". In order to find out the root cause of the problem from a deep level, and to analyze the causes of the problem, the high quality, high standard organization held a democratic life and organizational life. Do not talk, can not find the problem held insufficient held, cause analysis through the convening, direction is not clear, not held procedures are not standardized not held "five meeting", around the ideological emancipation, development ideas, administrative decision-making, implementation and other aspects of the situation, and make a comprehensive analysis on the existence of from the deep thought.

rationale for "quasi". To make the tax work in the severe economic situation, must fully grasp the economic situation of the development of the main line, around the goals and tasks, strengthen measures to implement, in accordance with the six breakthrough to determine the provincial IRS "and" ten guarantees "tasks, focus on the process of inspection, strengthen tracking performance, achieve the


build mechanism to seek new". In order to explore the establishment of a special age, full of vitality, cohesion, mutual supporting mechanism system in line with the requirements of scientific development, in accordance with the requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development, based on the actual, pay attention to practical works, focusing on the upper and lower cohesion, standardized operation, pay attention to public opinion and fully demonstrated, highlight the focus, strengthen aging, through strict self-examination, for opinions and suggestions, analysis, thematic demonstration, collective decision and establishing the system of "six steps to repeal, modify, seriously find the establishment of the views of the procedures and regulations.



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