The project of outstanding principal forging project

for improving the education and teaching quality of Xining city zone, build a comprehensive quality and innovative primary school principals, in June 29th, the city of Xining City District Education Bureau and the "contemporary educator" magazine jointly organized the "outstanding principal forging project started.

in recent years, the city always adhere to the priority of education development strategy, the training of teachers, principals training as a key project to promote the development of education, education around the promotion of "standard + characteristics" of the subject of the work, done a lot of work in the implementation of very fruitful "master drive" project and has achieved satisfied before. Some results. The past two years, the city Bureau of education has implemented a teacher driven project and intellectual talent introduction of the project, so that the quality of education in urban areas to be further improved.

the outstanding principal forging project is following the two projects, and an education livelihood projects. The project by the Shanghai contemporary educator magazine and the city of Xining City Bureau of Education jointly launched and implemented, will be selected in the city area of the 12 principals of all aspects of training guidance. According to the cooperation between the two sides will, "" contemporary educators will use expert resources of their own, to the 12 principal interrogation pulse, according to the different characteristics and the actual situation of the school, tailored to the individual growth plan. And using the methods of graduate students, doctoral students in Colleges and universities, the implementation of this system, through the establishment of the main research topics, as the shadow chancellor, the school inspection guidance, seminars, lectures and remote guidance, for the district to create a comprehensive quality, innovative principals, so as to improve the quality of education and teaching, finally let the city area of tens of thousands of pupils benefit from the purpose.

"Xining city teachers, principals can do. The concept of advanced education and education in the urban areas and the organic docking, the idea is also very advanced, and these advanced concepts are supported by courses." Li Zhencun teacher said, he has a very deep relationship with Xining, love and love of this magical land. The most effective way to help Qinghai education is the principal training, as we all know, a good principal is a good school, a good school can change the fate of thousands of children. The city of Xining City District Education Bureau jointly planned training activities, in addition to training the headmaster, also through the principal to implement "education ecology", change the examination oriented education under the heavy burden of students education ecological environment. He said that the principal training has three characteristics: each of the 3 principals with one of the country’s best, most of the top teacher; for each principal tailored training programs; Doctoral learning and training methods. Through the training, let the principal change in study and practice, the change to the teacher, the teacher let the students benefit from the change. (author: Chen Jun)

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