Hainan full implementation of medical precision poverty ten coverage policy

in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively reduce the poverty caused by illness phenomenon, in 2016, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the full implementation of medical precise poverty ten coverage and poor medical treatment "reduced from seven" policy.

since the implementation of the policy, Hainan, 53 thousand of the poor medical treatment can be exempted from the general registration fee, reduction of inpatient medicine, diagnosis and examination fees, inspection fees, inspection fees, anesthetic fee, operation fee, hospital bed fee 10%. At the same time, Hainan, the full implementation of the "ten health service coverage", namely participatory poverty free cataract surgery coverage; surgical aid poor children with congenital heart disease coverage; hydatid disease free drug therapy and surgery cost benefits coverage in poor areas; maternal hospital childbirth subsidy coverage; women of childbearing age in poor areas of supplementation folate full coverage; neonatal nutrition and disease screening of children in poor areas to improve the project full coverage; free pre pregnancy health check full coverage of family planning technical services free of charge; poor area coverage; poverty disease emergency relief full coverage, the three noes personnel timely medical treatment; healthy elderly persons aged 65 or above full coverage in poor areas at the same time, will also be the elderly poverty free health examination age from 65 down to 60 years old.


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