High performance artificial precipitation aircraft will operate in Sanjiang source

9 month 13 days, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the "Xinzhou 60" high performance rainfall aircraft has arrived in Qinghai, to carry out artificial precipitation and weather related scientific experiments in the source region of Sanjiang.

it is reported that the "Xinzhou 60" aircraft is China Meteorological Bureau as a "high performance rainfall aircraft added billions of pounds of food engineering in the northeast region of weather ability construction project purchase, on the plane to build high performance artificial influence weather detection platform, with cloud micro physics detection system, image system, macro cloud seeding the system of satellite communication systems, and is highly integrated, forming an integrated control platform, is the weather with high efficiency and comprehensive cloud physical science platform aircraft detection. King of the air 350 belongs to the Xinjiang General Aviation Co., Ltd., arrived in Qinghai in mid September, to carry out a period of three months of artificial precipitation Sanjiang source.

according to reports, the "Xinzhou 60" aircraft will be mainly in Sanjiang source area of Henan Mongolian Autonomous County and Maduo County to carry out artificial rainfall operations, and the aircraft carried out artificial rainfall operations related science test. China Meteorological Bureau deployed "Xinzhou 60" to Qinghai to carry out operations, is the effective way to resolve the source of Sanjiang precipitation high performance aircraft, improve the operation ability of the source of tension, is a powerful measure to support the construction of ecological civilization in Qinghai. At the same time, by calling the national high performance weather modification operation aircraft rainfall operations carried out and scientific experiments, will lay the foundation for the promotion of local weather modification projects, but also conducive to the completion of Chinese Meteorological Bureau "weather service modernization three year action plan" the key technology in the research task.


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