North of the city to enhance the community’s ability to serve the masses

to build a strong and effective community construction, management and service team, Seongbuk take various measures to a number of outstanding talent of Ideological and political quality, higher educational level, the spirit of dedication and ability to work to enrich the community cadres to.
a "mechanism of talents". The introduction of grassroots cadres training mechanism, through open recruitment, recruit some talents with community work experience, and a high degree of culture in the full vigour of life from the society, or the annual selection from a number of college graduates in the love of community work, pioneering and innovative, good quality and strong ability of outstanding youth, age and optimization of community neighborhood committee cadres the cultural structure.  
four is "by the brain to help". To carry out extensive twinning, were stationed in the building, and advanced typical twinning, and sub area units, with the brain to realize the improvement of the quality of service management. Give full play to the retired cadres of the waste heat, the establishment of community neighborhood committee cadres think tank as a community worker, heritage experience, with the old with the new, to assist neighborhood cadres to carry out good work.  

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