Enterprises to monitor each other muck transport irregularities

The weather is warmer, large and small sites will be started, muck cars fully open. In order to further standardize the waste management standardized operation order, and accelerate the improvement of the city’s ambient air quality, this year the city urban management department layun muck tactics, requires companies to send all kinds of obligations of supervisors, mutual supervision violations muck transport, no black muck cars on the road.

Maojian muck truck loading, along the way to throw the public behavior can easily be found, but what kind of car is black muck car but few people can understand, sediment transport enterprise personnel can distinguish one eye. Therefore, this year the City Urban Management Bureau in addition to the city’s industrial site lawangshi and implement the site dust prevention and control five 100% requirements, but also for waste disposal Association 38 member companies each identified more than 2 kinds of obligations of supervisors, appear in the area of sediment transport violations in a timely manner to report complaints to the area 110. The establishment of the complaints network covering the city, on the road to prevent black muck car from the source.

licensing is not muck cars on the road are not allowed

24 hours a full range of inspection and supervision

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