350 million special grants for children to learn

On the occasion of the opening of the new semester, the provincial finance actively raise funds, advance arrangements for the issuance of special education grants 350 million yuan, to support the province to accelerate the development of various types of education, so that every child to learn. * issued non civil project funds 80 million yuan: focus on the support of the comprehensive award category, the tour to support the pilot, preschool education resources construction, pre-school education evaluation and evaluation of the top four categories. Support all kinds of kindergartens, private kindergartens 288 awards, rural public kindergartens and rural primary and secondary schools are located in the kindergarten class (Garden) 313, 1355. – issued pre-school education funding 22 million yuan: the scope of funding for the establishment of the province’s examination and approval of the administrative department at or above the county level education kindergarten pre-school (kindergarten and school with pre-school children in the garden), funding criteria for urban (city and county) kindergarten 800 yuan per student per year, rural and pastoral areas (including township) every kindergarten each year, 1200 yuan, benefiting 60 thousand students. – issued public funds for compulsory education standard of 28 million yuan of funds, improve the rural compulsory education schools in public funding per student benchmark quota to continue this year, an increase of 40 yuan, in the basis of the previous year: the annual average primary school junior high school reached 600 yuan, reached 800 yuan. Individually approved compulsory education in special education schools and students with disabilities in regular class public subsidies approved this year, the annual student 4000 yuan standard. The occupation education issued 170 million yuan of special funds to support the province’s career: the rapid development of occupation education, focus on solving the bottleneck problem of restricting the occupation education development, increase training base, training model and curriculum, faculty, campus information construction etc.. The assigned key disciplines, the university laboratory construction funds 50 million yuan, focusing on the construction of provincial key disciplines, laboratories, training base, taking into account the "12th Five-Year" during the construction of the provincial education project of "quality project", "Kunlun scholars", "135 project" training high level talents, higher education literature guarantee system project.  

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