How to put the retail business to do the whole of fire

even if there is a demand in the market, but now the competition is fierce, business is not so good. Therefore, how to operate in order to thrive, this is our retail customers concerned about the top priority. So, how to use their brains to do a good job in business, to achieve good sales performance?

strive to innovation and vitality

innovation is the source of power in retail stores for survival and development, only to innovation, your shop will have a future, can in the fierce competition in the terminal market "killed" in a way "". In the terminal competition means the increasing homogenization of today, hidebound or blindly imitate others to follow the footsteps, to the end will not be achieved remarkable results.

any retail store, only reflect their own characteristics in order to retain old customers, attract new customers. The retail market is not static, so that we retail customers to change the strain, in order to make themselves stand firm. Always do business by difficulties and setbacks, it is to rely on their own to break through, not for the goods or services at home and not unmarketable excuses, nor the opportunity to play great Ming move crooked brains. ".

this year’s Dragon Boat Festival comes, many stores are making the price promotional posters, strive to win the advantage in price brings popularity, but the mall is on the go road, hit the "dragon boat festival dumplings fragrance, rice dumplings contest the whole story", because it is the whole family to use, embodies a strong family atmosphere. Advertising a hit, from the waves of people, during the Dragon Boat Festival, mall spent a little cost, but to win other stores incomparable performance, which is caused by the innovation of marketing charm.

reasonable profit to win space

to do business, to the final result is to profit to speak, in order to benefit the hero. So, we must be in order to obtain a reasonable profit as a starting point, as a retail owner, you can not cut the price, to attract customers, but also can not deceive customers deliberately raise prices. Reasonable profit is the most basic condition for a successful retail customer. This is also the survival and expansion of retail reproduction capital.

in the daily sales process, consumers are most sensitive to what? That is the price, other services, store environment, no matter how good, consumers can not move home. Of course, they hope to be able to buy cheap goods. If consumers think value for money, then they are likely to continue to buy large.

but if consumers think the price exceeds their psychological endurance, the final result is not just a loss of a consumer, it may be a consumer group. So, in the process of pricing, not only through the market survey of consumers

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