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in the cosmetics market, although not everyone needs perfume, but because of the current era of people’s economic conditions improve, and pay more attention to their own image, resulting in perfume market is more and more big, the brand is more and more. In short, women’s perfume has always been a very important position in the world to do perfume, for women, perfume is also essential in life, that the ten major brands of women’s perfume is what?

perfume ten brands list NO.01, Chanel is one of the most suitable for the wedding of perfume, light sweet sailor bag, it is suitable for couples to go out to play with.

‘s ten top brands of NO.02, Dior, I release my inner self! Dior is the first time I sleep the fragrance and bottles are elegant, noble style as the keynote. In the busy modern life, many women like to use.

‘s ten top brands NO.03, Lancome miracle perfume, it can make you in ordinary life to create a miracle. Like perfume, we should believe that we can create our own future, as long as there is her, nothing is impossible. Suitable for many office workers.

lady perfume ten brands list, NO.04 reflects the Oriental mystical perfume, with "Laurent opium" the most famous perfume. It belongs to the aroma type, after more than the bending of the wood, sandalwood based, with spicy wood and long lasting fragrance. "Opium" perfume, fragrance and flavor, as temptation and taboo, a spicy Oriental, more suitable for the confident and seductive women.

perfume ten brands list NO.05, Estee Lauder Huan Qin perfume fragrance is a fresh fragrance. The elegant fragrance of flowers, the main raw materials are Lily, violet, jasmine, cloves, sandalwood, etc.. The overall bottle body elegant and simple, clear crystal oval bottles, round platinum cap. Huan Qin perfume, fragrance is still weak, many women like.

lady perfume ten brands list NO.06, Arden white diamonds, absolute fragrance tone, rich flavor, is a rather feminine perfume, especially favored sweet flowers such as the mature female rose, tuberose’s favorite flowers etc.. This perfume by Elizabeth · Taylor, Nino · and Valentino Rudi; match many celebrities such as love, is a very popular brand perfume.

lady perfume ten brands list NO.07, GUCCI perfume wood and bamboo, warm fragrance from the bottom rippling out, sandalwood, the intoxicating fragrance Tahiti vanilla and unique ambergris.

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