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in Chinese has always had a paradise under Jervois ". This is a way to honor of Suzhou, Suzhou is of course a Renjiedeling delicacy, beauty beauty are not the same. Today we recommend is a feature of Suzhou cuisine, of course, the brand all over the country have franchise stores. This is the base of the characteristics of Chi Chi cuisine.

Suzhou Chi Chi joined, innovative product taste, in the inheritance of the classic on the basis of the people to enjoy a variety of food, is a very competitive brand. It focuses on the creation of specialty food, is not a good choice for people to start a business. Join it, businesses need to meet what conditions?.

1, the catering industry and people’s health is closely related to the health of consumers to provide quality service, Suzhou Zhi Zhi root bottom require businesses to have the good physical quality, can not only guarantee the healthy quality of products and services, and can afford the entrepreneurial process of hard work.

2, entrepreneurial process risk, there is not enough entrepreneurial determination and enthusiasm, not enough risk awareness and long-term development vision, businesses can not go to the final. Thus, the investment in Suzhou Zhi Zhi Zhi, businesses must have determination and perseverance, there is a long-term vision and risk appetite.

3, the sufficient understanding is to ensure the smooth cooperation between the foundation, businesses need to Suzhou Michigan Chicago at the end of this group have a detailed understanding, can identify its business philosophy and business model, unified management and guidance can accept the headquarters, work together to build a successful career.

4, adequate funding is to ensure the smooth shop based investment in Suzhou Michigan Chicago, businesses need to have 5-10 million cost to join and to ensure sufficient liquidity, renovation, rent, purchase and other aspects of the store carried out smoothly.

5 project is pioneering off Allison, the shop is the key to the success of open shop, own Suzhou Zhi Zhi root end stores, businesses also need to have their own operating places, not only complete infrastructure, moderate size, the need to ensure that the surrounding traffic is convenient, the flow of people, there are certain the level of consumption.

Brief introduction of the

above is the editor of Suzhou Zhi Zhi root bottom join conditions, as long as the business in meeting the basis, can establish good cooperation relationship with the headquarters, can make use of mature brand advantage, to open their own business trip back. Investment to choose it, businesses can get more support, so that shops operate more simple.

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