Do not go through the trap to see through the trap

joined the business market sentiment reviews, many novice entrepreneurs are keen to join the market from the start, actually join the market has a lot of fraud, nor can find a shortcut in the business market, not only a waste of time detours.

"contract from the beginning I was cheated," at the headquarters to 23000 yuan of goods, dozens of small gifts and more than a dozen pieces of cotton goods and Xu Haifu, at a loss, the headquarters into the original quote a few times, the same goods than our local retail prices are high." With headquarters negotiations at the same time, he regretted the investigation did not see through the trap set by the leader.

but the champions trap is not so easy to see through. Franchising expert Zheng Danyang and Beijing run lawyer Wu Songli agreed to a leader: the best way is to consult the franchisee, and the number of the more the better, the more the better area; at the same time, to specialize in the franchise business lawyer and expert consultation, especially the consulting contract to join, and vital the effective way to spend money to do "!"

advertising flicker investigation

"using the Internet, television, magazines, newspapers and other media advertising, promotional materials and other investors is the most core by investment approach." The general manager of Beijing Fanjiashi Management Consultants Ltd. Zheng Danyang pointed out that many of them have a considerable part of the leader, especially those short-term operation of the leader, is advertised as a short-term rapid money making tool.

"often such leader will put advertising done writing garish, cost recovery said as if it were raining flowers, fast, foreign investors are pedestrians, it is difficult to see the truth." Plus the leader will often focus on a large number of advertising in a certain period of time, will let many investors mistakenly believe that the leader: joining strength, it is worth joining.

open many chief recommendation

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