Franchise franchise fraud some of the features you know

a lot of people want to get rich, results, not to get rich, but was cheated a lot of money! Here, I made a summary in recent years by the media exposure of the case, some companies involved in the fraud part of the criminal cases, found that they have the following characteristics:

1. enterprise set up time is short. Because of fraud (fraud) will often be found in a short period of time, the company operating period is not too long (generally not more than one year), in order to avoid civil liability and criminal liability, fraud (fraud) operator will quickly disappear with the. In addition, fraud (fraud) have no patience, no ability to launch a time tested project, therefore always wrap a "good project", the "flicker" and wantonly misappropriating leave quickly, leaving only a shell company.

Stop the withdrawal of the main propaganda personnel and funds,

2. operation after a period of time, the office moved to the suburbs or in a small office, and sent one to two staff, with the franchisee’s complaints and disputes, to the public security organs involved in creating obstacles to contract dispute.

3. companies often do not have registered trademarks. Because the current domestic registration of a successful trademark requires at least two years time, fraud (fraud) usually do not have such a long time to prepare.

4. of some enterprises in the advertising hype, is known as the international famous brand, but the brand in the overseas is not how many stores, or even in foreign countries, to wear foreign hat trick investors.

5. corporate headquarters is often packed "formal" and "style", because the fake things to make people believe you with an air of importance. These are usually means of packaging: headquarters has a luxurious office environment, industry organizations of all types of unknown (actually no illegal organization by the civil affairs departments for the record) membership, there are all kinds of certificates of honor (many money can buy from Mo enterprise certificate), a utility model patents and design patents (the patent without substantive examination is available), the well-known media brand list plaque (near the famous media is now a common means of publicity), exquisite packaging, brochures and manuals (the contents of the manual is mostly copied this industry regular brand within the industry cannot afford a word or two, people go).

6. short time focused advertising. Never heard of, emerge overnight, and said "a certain international chain, from Europe and the United States, the official landing Chinese", "ten years or decades of experience", "world leading", "international famous brand", "zero risk", "the annual income of over million, three months to recover the investment" and "no reason to return to poor management and so on. Investors should understand that if the project is really like in advertisement flicker as "low investment and high returns, enterprises or internal staff will do their own, how could empower others to make money, you have a small profit (relatively high return is not too high."

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