Do not join the bulk of women’s clothing store business skills

as a result of most of the brand agents need to collect fees, many entrepreneurs engaged in women’s clothing store business, will consider the choice to open a bulk women’s shop. For this type of clothing store, the most important thing is to have a suitable store address and reliable channel.

into the mall is very simple, if it is a large shopping mall, then you must be selling clothing apparel brand, let manufacturers give you three cards on the line. On the base point and clear your promotional discount shopping rebate, refund time. Business taxes are included in the system.

if the private shopping mall, to be optimistic about the surrounding shops operating style, although the peer is the enemy, but only the formation of a certain size to Like attracts like., attracted a large number of passengers. The new shopping malls will be free of two or three years of industrial and commercial taxes, the formation of the mall you have to ask how much good tax, if you are from the hands of the hands of the sublet, it is best to his business and tax package.

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