Development of new engine intelligent terminal industry in Yibin

in the process of rapid economic development, in order to keep up with the pace of the times, and further develop their own potential, and actively do a good job of reform, the use of advanced intelligent technology is critical. Yesterday, Yibin intelligent terminal industry project in national Yibin Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone started construction, which marks the addition of liquor, coal industry support, intelligent terminal industry will become the new engine of the development of Yibin. Here we have a specific understanding of the Yibin intelligent terminal project.

The two

project started for the signing of Yibin port sub Zhongxun intelligent terminal assembly of products and spare parts processing project, and Yibin Zhuo Teng intelligent terminal manufacturing base. Two projects will focus on smart phones, tablet PCs, smart TVs and other products. After the completion of the project, the total output value of the two projects will be more than 8 billion 500 million yuan.

Yibin Municipal Committee, mayor Du Ziping said that the liquor and coal industry to support Yibin in the past 30 years of development, the future, Yibin will implement the "two wheel drive", in the foundation to consolidate and improve the traditional industries, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, rail transportation, intelligent manufacturing, general aviation, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, medical equipment, shale gas and other high growth industries, supporting the construction of Yibin Yangtze River green development model city, build regional center of southern Sichuan city.

The CEO of

Asia telecommunications companies fresh said items from negotiations to the ground, only 58 days, thanks to the strong support of the Yibin municipal government, and the development of intelligent terminal industry scientific determination system planning.

Li Xuejiao, vice mayor of the city of Yibin, told reporters that Yibin spent 28 days on the introduction of a number of policies to support the development of intelligent terminal industry, to encourage qualified enterprises settled in Yibin,

. At the same time, plans to start the planning and construction of the Yibin Industrial Park in the port area of intelligent terminal in the industrial park, covers an area of approximately 2300 acres, of which, the production base covers an area of about 2000 acres, R & D center covers an area of about 300 acres, is expected to introduce 200 enterprises.

Progress of

technology, intelligence has gradually entered people’s life, and provide a lot of convenience for us, so do the intelligent industry adapt to the market development trend, has a broad market prospects of the industry. At present, Yibin City Investment Promotion Bureau and the Shenzhen mobile phone industry association signed the "Yibin intelligent terminal industry park project entrusted investment agreement", the two sides jointly planning the construction of R & D center, integrated service area production base, is one of the intelligent terminal industry park, and strive to the end of 2017 the introduction of 30 mobile phone enterprises, the output value reached 10 billion.

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