Explore the development of the network, YAHOO began to find.

today, really a lot of people began to concern a fairy network development, because the modern era is really too rapidly, plays a role in many of the network is nothing more than, let Xiaobian to lead us to take a look at it.

free and open only a short while ago, depending on the business model, YAHOO has achieved great success. However, Google as the representative of a new generation of Internet Co rely on strong technical ability to integrate global information, huge traffic aggregation of the Internet, and then through the Adsense and Adwords products to achieve a new business model, will flow to sell a huge number of SMEs, to subvert the old pattern of the portal. YAHOO is a step by step into a dead end.

The rise of

the decline of YAHOO and Google, reflecting the global Internet companies are from the past only rely on the business model of the precursor model to rely on "technology + business model" four-wheel drive mode. This change is happening in china. If the first generation of China’s Internet is the protagonist of the three portals as the representative of the YAHOO business model of the enterprise, then now dominate the Chinese Internet arena is Baidu and Tencent and other technology companies. These companies will be the company’s technical capabilities in the most important position, not only to establish a sound R & D system, but still at all costs to attract technical personnel. For example, when Google stopped when Chinese mainland operations, Baidu and Tencent have an olive branch, Jianlou to top technology academy of Engineering Master China many Google.

however, emphasis on technology especially for the business model of YAHOO easier said than done, the type of enterprises, from the two drive into four-wheel drive, power is not easy. However, there is such a business to complete the transformation, in recent years, the rapid rise of Sohu from the birth of Sogou, is an example. Although the small size of the company, but early on the establishment of a joint laboratory with Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities to study the forefront of the Internet technology issues. In the search for nearly 800 employees, more than 75% of employees for R & D and product personnel, the proportion of all China Internet Corporation is the highest. As a result, in a few years time, Sogou has applied for more than 200 patents, the number of second only to Tencent and Alibaba.

Chinese in today’s Internet industry, technology and business model, "precursor + drive" is one less: only with strong technical ability, can be made by the user’s favorite products, complemented by a unique business model, will it be possible to achieve commercial success.

Sogou input method, and is currently engaged in a browser and search for three different forms and characteristics, different technical reserves are, how will the three together that cash is the biggest key. Sogou has formed a new "three stage" model in which the input method as a rocket, brought more than 300 million users Sogou browser; the number of users and traffic into huge for more effective flow, then.

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