Borrow the book to find out about the loss of a small guy posting creditors

such a good policy in the management of venture capital financing now, there are many ways before they venture financing means nothing more than two kinds, one is the family of the accumulation of capital, a venture is to borrow money. Recently, there is a news caused hot friends, borrow money to engage in business books lost, guy post seeking creditors: who had lent me money.

"his barbecue craft is my husband taught, then he opened the stalls, I lent him 2500 yuan." Liu Peng’s wife said, young man willing to endure hardship, young people now, is a good thing.

2013, Liu Peng married, the following year. By the end of 2014, Liu Peng decided to start again, this time, he chose to do takeout, and intends to raise public funds online. So, at the beginning of 2015, he put his ideas, planning to do a detailed PPT posted on the site, so that some friends on the 500 yuan, recommended by the 10

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