2016 China (Tianjin) venture capital Expo

in response to the general office of the State Council "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation and entrepreneurship guidance", accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to adapt to the new trend of entrepreneurship, innovation mass, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people, to create a new engine of economic development, Chinese Commercial Federation specific on May 2016 13-15, held in Tianjin 2016 China (Tianjin) China Merchants join venture Fair (referred to as: a fair), professional exhibition organization exhibition by the successful operation of the 16 Chinese wealth project exhibition Ji’nan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition effect specifically, effect of exhibitors and professional service by the majority of the industry has been recognized. As China Merchants, investment business aspects of the big party, enjoys a good reputation in the industry. The success of the show will let more excellent join the brand products are fully demonstrated, and win more high standards of entrepreneurial franchisees favor; at the same time, to have dreams of wealth easily find investors for their own entrepreneurial projects, realize their dreams of wealth! The creation of the Expo is to promote the government to promote the employment of specific performance.

first, organization:

sponsor: China Federation of Commerce

organizer: Tianjin Federation of Commerce, Ji’nan International Convention and Exhibition Center

two, time, location:

exhibition time: May 2016 20-22

exhibition venue:

, Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China

three, media:

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four, exhibitors:

1, commodity retail category: food, drinks, tea, supermarkets, convenience stores and other franchise chain;

2, food and beverage categories: Chinese and Western restaurants, hot pot, bars, snacks, barbecue and other franchise chain;

3, clothing: clothing, fabric, cloth, shoes, leather bags and other franchise institutions;

4, education and training: educational institutions, professional training institutions, recommended

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