Do a good job in the off-season these things easily

off-season to do the market, the peak season to do sales, listen to too many people have said this sentence. I now deeply understand that: people who can not help but to put this sentence on the lips, in all likelihood is a layman. Because experts have no interest in chewing such a nonsense.

simply, the off-season market is to do on the season, this should not be the slightest doubt.

Then the influence factors of

1, how many terminals.

2, how many core terminals.

3, how many terminals are willing to help you sell.

4, how many people are willing to buy.

A, distribution to achieve distribution rate, with the price of competing products more than 70% of the main pin terminal

1 distribution rate promotion method?

the existing team division team, to carry out centralized distribution activities. After three months, divided into three stages, to carry out the distribution of competition. The first stage target for the city terminal, combined with the periphery of the urban and second stages, third stages of leak filled, depth development.


The number, the successful development of

2, note


distribution method for small batch, multi frequency distribution or replenishment, such as ensuring the store owner received goods, not with fear, and as long as a selling point, the shop owner will be put to be able to sell, popular feeling, sales personnel should timely follow-up, sell quickly replenishment.

two, core terminal training, to purchase above 20%


1, the role of the core terminal:

A: put a lot of season. The throughput of the core terminal is very large, once they feel that your products can be sold, the arrival of the peak season, they dare to eat a large number of.

Two: the common terminal. Core terminals generally have a greater impact on the surrounding or the relationship between the better terminal, they are looking at the core of the terminal product throughput, sales of the core terminal can often form an example to drive them >

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