2012 joined the liquid wallpaper shop low carbon environmental good money

modern home decoration, people always choose the trend of personalized products. Home improvement paint market was born new liquid wallpaper, simply because it is neither wallpaper, nor the general wall paint concept, so that the decoration of the family in front of a bright.

"liquid wallpaper" is also known as wallpaper paint, water-based coating has the advantages of wallpaper and latex paint in a body, made of acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, pigment and other additives, can create different visual effects according to the decoration of will, which can overcome defects of latex paint color, no single level the wallpaper can be easily discolored, curling and seams to avoid disadvantages. The person in charge of Beijing District of Chongwen City, Guangdong and Guangxi road a paint sales center: "liquid wallpaper" usually with wall decoration collocation up sales. When painting, first in the wall evenly coated with a layer of putty, dry 24 hours, polished off the rough part with sandpaper, then the surface coated with a thin layer of "liquid wallpaper" paint, then alternately scraping. The use of "liquid wallpaper", brushing the different strength, different directions, or different colors, will show different visual effects.

"liquid wallpaper" category, color rich, most can transform a variety of flowers 300. For example, the "luminous paint wallpaper" (visible light absorption of 10? 30 minutes in the dark on Sustainable shine for more than 12 hours), "chameleon paint wallpaper" (incandescent lamp is a kind of color, the sunlight is another color), "embossed wallpaper paint" (after the special craft, wall can present relief effect), welcomed by the people to the pursuit of trendy decoration.


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