Guizhou Xiang shepherd hot skin mutton – how to join the

hot pot market development scene, we all look in the eyes, but you know? Breaking through the bottleneck of traditional hot pot, but spent a lot of effort. Hot pot is a delicacy food market is very common and very popular over the years to form a single Hot pot, become the bottleneck of the development of Guizhou Xiang after the shepherd in-depth market on the launch of the hot skin mutton has become the unique new Hot pot catering, welcomed by the market, a large number of goods have captured the stomach, but also captured them the heart. Today, we will introduce the details of the star products, in the end what are the characteristics of hot – skin mutton


The raw materials of the raw materials of the herdsmen in the

township of Guizhou are selected from the high quality prairie lamb, and cooked with pure natural water. Lamb Fat is rich in nutrition, nutrition and health, suitable for all people, won the praise of customers. This is a sign of hot skin lamb, lamb is the best, is the best delicious food after eating diners.

Guizhou Township herders to join

Guizhou Township shepherd’s skin and mutton soup is the headquarters of the R & D department after years of efforts to develop a secret system of delicious, multi flavor Chinese herbal medicine and spices so delicious soup. Guizhou Rural herders adhering to the cuisine of the Buyi secret recipe, selection of high quality seasonings, with Chinese herbal medicine essence, so fragrant and not greasy, spicy but not dry, do not stimulate the stomach, the unique health of the efficacy of health. Such a Lamb Leather ironing table, did not smell the incense, your appetite, mouth drooling with greed.

Taste and delicacy is closely related to the

production process, manufacturing method of classic Guizhou Xiang shepherd followed the Buyi Hot pot, combined with diet current consumer demand improved, ancient secret ingredients, add the amount of standard and orderly, with professional equipment, Guizhou Xiang shepherd exclusive distribution, elegant design and reasonable, to solve the complicated process of hot lamb skin at the same time, to ensure that the technology is not compromised, guarantee the interests of investors, so hot skin mutton and a layer of mystery.

Guizhou Xiang shepherd to feature the hot skin mutton Hot pot by consumers praise and favor, nutritious and delicious food, of national style, set off a wave of delicacy in the food and beverage market, but has brought a wealth for investors. It features to attract consumers, with delicious capture consumers, is the local farmers to open up the market.


above is the Guizhou Xiang shepherd joined the mutton hot skin of course, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you to see the message, of course you can provide catering investment projects more.

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