How to promote the development of film industry in Sichuan

in the process of economic development, our cultural industry can not be ignored! At present, the rapid development of the media, the film is also a good film to become a topic of common concern to the state and society. So, how to promote the development of the film industry in Sichuan? The following and small series of specific understanding.

In order to adapt to the market situation and the

film film production and distribution show change and reform of financial budget management of the new requirements, the central government will be the national film industry development funds collection and management from the original full turned over to the central treasury adjusted by the ratio of 4:6 were paid into the central and provincial treasury.

to do the management work of provincial retained funds, promote the prosperity and development of the film, recently, Department of Finance and the Provincial Bureau of press and publication of research to develop the "Sichuan province national film industry development special fund budget management measures", detailed a series of specific financial support policies.

one is to build the theater and equipment renovation and other funding.

two is to focus on the production base construction, renovation and transformation of facilities and equipment to undertake public welfare film projects to be funded. Three is the top box office, access to international and domestic awards, making breakthroughs in technology innovation or overseas markets to achieve outstanding results in the province’s outstanding domestic film production units to be rewarded. The four is for minority language dubbing, film distribution and screening mechanism to be funded. The five is to film talent training and excellent screenplay to be funded.

The development of

culture has great influence on the development of the whole society. We should pay more attention to the cultural industry. This time, Sichuan to promote the development of the film industry initiatives, I hope in the future there are more excellent films presented in front of the public.

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