Learn how to buy clothes in winter to make you change from rookie expert

to the winter of the year, for the clothing store operators, winter and summer clothing purchase can be no small difference. Winter clothing costs are higher, one can not pay attention to large losses. Xiaobian teach you a few tricks in winter clothing purchasing skills, so that you immediately from the rookie turned expert.

A variety of small pieces of the


Dealing with

and some "old friends"

in the daily clothing purchase process, many stores are well versed in a truth, and more is to deal with some "old friends". Many clothing stores into the clothing wholesale market, I do not know what to choose wholesalers to purchase only good, if you choose to have a number of clothing wholesalers, will be much easier. It is also because these old friends have already had the experience of cooperation, the relative understanding of some. And with "old friends" to deal with, can also facilitate the day after the fall of replacement. And at the end of the quarter to solve inventory, these old friends will play a role more or less.

and wholesalers to negotiate price

before winter clothing sales, we must master the corresponding winter clothing purchase skills, to forecast the epidemic trend this year, due to reduced purchase error possible losses, to achieve the smooth earnings this winter.

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