Share these entrepreneurs in 2015

there are a few days, 2015 will be gone forever, what did you go through this year? What did you get? For entrepreneurs, this must be a rich year. Next, let us share a few entrepreneurs in Ya’an in 2015.

in the public business of   in 2015; the innovation of the boom, and the entrepreneur has become a topic, they more and more social attention. Some of them are trying to put ideas into reality "the creation", while others are able to open the rural market key; they have the envy of the entrepreneur status, but you do not know, they like you and me, persistent efforts, bear hardships, moved to warm.

appearance, words between the ornamental and the combined plain properties reveal self-confidence…… This is the reporter saw the impression of Li river.

thirty years old, the sunshine boys. After graduating from college, was recommended to the United States as a visiting scholar to study human nutrition and the future of agricultural professionals, after returning home to work hard in the field. In the end, he chose to return to his hometown to start a business in Ya’an. He founded the company.

"hometown of Ya’an is richly endowed by nature conditions, ecological environment is good, good. Such ecological advantages so that I can not resist the idea of returning home." And Li Jiang chat, almost everywhere can feel his love for his hometown of Ya’an.


and does not support, Li Jiang rolled up his sleeves and do only.

"hard to forget the beginning of the heart." Slowly, Li Jiang and the team embarked on the ecological cycle of sustainable development of ecological farming. At the beginning of this year, the team innovative projects early prototype.

"entrepreneurship is the most difficult thing in the world." Back to see this year, Li Jiang a lot of emotion: entrepreneurship is easy to think, landing difficult, easy landing, insist on difficult, easy to adhere to the inheritance difficult.

"entrepreneurial success requires too many too many factors, the failure rate is often greater than success. But this is not important, the key is the entrepreneur can never yield in spite of reverses in the face of setbacks, inclusive social entrepreneurs fail to give us more opportunities." Li Jiang smiled.

With the popularity of the recommended

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