What is the core of the fire burning hot pot

said that the food and beverage market competitive power, how much is ready to join the army in the food you know? For example, the catering industry in the Chinese market spending is shrinking, Chinese food market is basically saturated. Want to survive must be transformed. How many struggling restaurant brands have been withdrawn from the market, leaving only the full transverse injury. Hot pot as a kind of dinner is to go the opposite way, to take over the mother hot pot, once the hot capital. Why is that?

is a transformation of traditional Chinese enterprises, which triggered our interest – Sheng Barilla, doing well the main Boiled dumplings Home Dishes Chinese brands in the Beijing region of Hebei, its founder Guo Qi in 2014 but resolutely stop the expansion plan, and fully make a transition to focus on Chongqing Du Niang Hot pot, Hot pot this local characteristic category. Seemingly unusual business options, in Guo Qi seems to have a complete set of business logic behind.

"many catering enterprises lack of overall system of business planning and market analysis, for lack of more depth analysis of self-management ability and business resources, we do is to follow the transformation of Chongqing Hot pot potential and market trends merits to make strategic decision of our own." Guo Qi said that the difficult business and market of traditional Chinese market shrink is a structural problem, "long, the main cost of Chinese demand is still the mainstream, but has not high consumer choice, young people choose the brand of traditional Chinese meal frequency is greatly reduced, the cost of human’s hard to settle for Chinese consumers quality requirements more and more high." In Guo Qi seems to be able to survive in the future, the Chinese brand must have its unique products, and no longer fight price.

can do so, but the lack of good products to achieve the ultimate gene containing potpourri, after founder Guo Qi comprehensive consideration of its own strength and the catering market trends, choose the category Hot pot looking for new business opportunities. "We have studied spicy hot pot and grilled fish and other categories before the category of vitality is not strong enough, easy to be replaced by the new consumer demand, and the local Hot pot is the test of history category, with strong consumer groups, longer than a single product vitality." Guo Qi for the category of choice and the study concluded that the same report: hot pot is the only major category of contrarian growth, which, Chongqing hot pot may be the most popular consumer segments in the future. In addition, the hot pot industry, fast production, standardization, personnel." Guo Qi has been plagued by the pressure of labor costs and product quality control issues also solved.

so, after a series of adjustment and reorganization of resources, after the reorganization of the team, the mother of the hot pot in the early 2014 homeopathic brand. Speaking of crossing the original pot of hot pot, Guo Qi gives the answer is only two words, delicious". This is regarded as the soul of his brand and product foundation. The word "delicious" is not attractive at all

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