Open restaurant investment is not large

many people are not willing to give people a lifetime to work, so entrepreneurship has become a common practice in many people at present, but the real choice of a project, need to consider the issue very much, take to open a restaurant, the first is the issue of investment, what big? Ordinary people can afford it?

Investment return and standard

1. amount budget. Investors can be based on the financial situation, consider opening a community store, standard store or flagship store three levels of tea restaurants, total investment of 80 thousand yuan, respectively, $150 thousand and $100 thousand. It is best to use 70% of the total investment as the actual investment, and the other as a reserve fund to meet the subsequent investment after the opening of the business and the status quo of the 30%.

invest according to 100 thousand yuan shop, the store rent, 20 thousand yuan (100 square meters); yet elegant modern decoration, 30 thousand yuan; tea and other equipment (chairs, air conditioning, audio), 20 thousand yuan; all kinds of tea, food, fruit, 20 thousand yuan.

2. revenue assessment. Tea restaurant business 14 hours a day, the average daily reception of customers of 150 people, per capita consumption of $25, the daily turnover of up to $3750, according to the net profit margin of 20%, the daily profit of $750, monthly profit of more than 20 thousand yuan. Investors can recover the cost within six months, the first year profit of more than 100 thousand yuan.

Preparation of

1. certificate: fire, health, environmental protection, industry and commerce, taxation department registration, registration. 2 staff recruitment: you can use the website, food and beverage training schools, newspapers, advertising or recruit people acting on behalf of.

3. menu design: tea restaurant menu design should be designed according to the operating characteristics of the store. The menu can be attached to the store’s advertising and regular advertising campaign. 4 cultural concepts: including business philosophy, core values, service spirit, work attitude, goal responsibility, etc..

such investment criteria, whether meet your needs? Do you have enough money to open a restaurant like this? If you own enough, but also determined to open a family, you can now do the preparatory work.

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