Open underwear stores have to know skills

underwear shops on the market a lot, and some shops all the year round business is booming, while others are dismal business. In fact, the opening of the underwear store is also a skill, master the core skills in order to win better development. The following small series of underwear store tips to tell you to help you successfully shop!

1, select the brand

mature high-end lingerie brand general store as the main sales channels, in order to ensure the market operation, supply them to the store discounts are usually relatively high, relatively thin profit margins. In the middle and high grade brand is suitable for the store sales, the price is moderate, the profit space is also big.

2, select style

3, select salesperson

service member of the best age between 28 to 40 years old, the young girl to give people to recommend underwear will make people feel less authoritative. In addition, the store should also be provided on trial service, as a personal clothing, even if the size of the opposite will be different, and in the shape, function difference is greater. Therefore, the waiter also tried to persuade customers to try. The first time to buy underwear girls often shy, the waiter also eliminate their psychological tension, give correct explanation, to give customers the best impression.

5, select propaganda point


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